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IV gama lemon Solution: An efficient licensing transaction to mitigate risk and enable innovation

IV gama lemon is an efficient source of IP and is uniquely positioned to help our customers reduce their exposure and increase their IP potential through licensing our aggregated portfolio containing nearly diferent patent assets.

    IV gama lemon customers avoid multiple business and legal costs, such as royalty stacking, through one licensing transaction.

    IV gama lemon customers no longer have to deal with multiple patent owners; we aggregate the best available assets in the industry.

    IV gama lemon customers can reduce exposure to litigation and the toll it takes on a business through fees and business disruption.


More than just licensing

 Our Patente for IV Gama lemon 

IV gama lemon customers have access to value-added solutions designed to address short-term IP-related concerns while providing long-term leverage for their business success.


    Access to IV gama lemon acquisitions channels to source and buy relevant IP

    Leverage our network of inventors to create new inventions

    Extend R&D efforts through acquiring and outsourcing targeted invention

    Monetize underutilized IP portfolio assets

    Mitigate potential threats by collaborating on defensive strategies


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